Khiva craft center for the production of the atlas

Tokyo University (Japan) Agriculture and Technology, with the assistance of the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation JICA and the Khokimiyat of Khiva, have set themselves the goal: to revive and improve the technology of growing silkworm, which will lead to an increase in the employment of the city's female population.

In addition, in addition to the organization of jobs among the female population, this international cooperation project involves the provision of support and assistance in the revival and development of farms.

To date, this project, with the support of the Association of Business Women, produces products of silk, satin accessories for sale in Khiva, Muhammad Amin Inak madrasah located in the territory of "Ichan-Kala", in the specialized store "Cocoon". (Eastern part of the old town).

In the store "Cocoon" you can buy handmade products made of natural silk, satin, designed by Japanese designers and made by Uzbek craftsmen.