Khorezm's nature department

The madrasah of Abdullaha was built in 1855. In this madrassa, the Khorezm nature protection department is currently located. The exhibition was organized in 1973 and was reissued in 2010. In his rooms there are beautiful examples of Khorezm flora and fauna. There are three schemes - "sand zones", "lake zone" and "tugai zones". In Khorezm Museum of Natural History there are 15 exhibitions. The total number of exhibits is 311.

The most interesting exhibits are a white bird - 12 kg and horseradish.

 Creation of a small corner about the ecological state of the Aral Sea, the formation of a sense of the younger generation of the motherland, nature.

Museum, school and district students on the program "Museum in the school" in order to enrich the rich nature of the Khorezm oasis, namely the variety of flora and fauna, the preservation of the younger generation of consciousness, distinct classes in the presentation.

 Total useful area 180sq.m.

The building was built in 1855.