Matpanoboy Madrassah-The museum of Avesta

"Avesta" is not only a collection of religious philosophical views and concepts of our ancestors, but also as an invaluable historical source. "Avesta" contains a lot of information about the most ancient history, stylistics, traditions, spiritual culture, science and other spheres of Central Asia and the East. Therefore, the world scientific community values ​​this as an invaluable historical heritage.

With this in mind, the UNESCO International Advisory Board decided to mark the 2700th anniversary of Avesta at its 30th session in November 1999 in Paris. Jubilee Festivals In October 2001, Avesta was born in Uzbekistan, in Khorezm. This year a museum was also established. The total number of exhibits in the section "Avesta" is 145. Of these, 85 are in the fund and 60 are in the auxiliary fund.

The most interesting exhibits.

  1. Model of soil Kala.

2. A model with the Qa'la model.

3. Davl "the vessel of the Kosh"

4. The Feast of Nowruz.

The exhibition opens a book of Zoroastrianism, one of the world's religions, as well as the role of the book "Avesta" in the development of world culture. This, in turn, plays an important role in teaching young people the spirit of love for the Motherland and the study of history.

One of our important tasks is the reorganization of the exhibition "Avesta" in accordance with modern requirements, based on the principles of historical certainty and has become an exhibition that meets the requirements of the world art museums.