National headdress (Chogirma)

In Khorezm, 60 trainees were engaged in the production of cobwebs.  Previously, it was possible to find a person's position depending on his broom.  The vast majority of the population is wearing a black, brown, and sherzo-colored blush.

What are the features of the craftsmanship of the masters?  If you ask, the keychain is like a headdress that everyone thinks it is, because the cornice is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and Khorezm protects the eye from various eye illnesses because of the dusty area.  If you go out on a sail, put on a horse sack, it will serve as a pillow, and will tell you what to do when you wake up and wrap it up again, and then wrap it again.

Nowadays, the descendants of Abdirimbo Usta are working in Khiva.  At present in Khiva these dynasties provide exemplary service to local and foreign tourists, spreading the Khorezm rapprochement to the world.

The sons of the deceased masters were Azimboy (1954-1996), Maqsudbek, Maratbek (1961-2009), Bahromjon, Hurmatbek, Shokirbek, Pirnazarboy, Ergashbek, Muhammadjon, Komiljon's wife, Zubayda's spouse Jalolbeks, grandchildren Hamza, Hamdam, Jamoliddin,  Izzatbek, Kamoliddin, Tillo, Abdullajon, Nuraddin, Dilmurod, Abdirimboy, Aminboy, Muhammadjon, Feruzbek, Jasurbek, Isjon, Islambek, Musojon, Sulaymon and Yusufboys are now continuing to work their ancestors and open their own studio and each of their more than ten students  they continue their telecommunications profession.  In the photo Shakirbek master was shot down.