Qozi Kalon Madrassah

The Qozi Kalon madrassah was built in 1905 by Salim Ahun, the chief judge of the Khiva 

Madrasah's appearance and scene are not so great, it does not differ from other madrasahs, but it differs from other madrasahs by teaching style. At this madrassah, along with religious knowledge, lawmaking, various taxes and zakat collection, that is legal knowledge.

The Madrasah area is 32.5x23.4 m, the dimensions of the classroom are 4.7x4.7 meters and its adjacent mosque is located. Madrasah has 15 rooms. Most famous masters such as KHudaybergan KHoji, Kalandar Kuchim, Bagbek Abdurakhmanov, Matchon Kulimov, Vaish ceramic and others participated in the construction of the madrasah, and folk craftsman Abdulla Boltaev said that 35 students were educated at the madrasah.

The son of Qali-Kalon Salim Akhun Boboohun Salimov became the first Minister of Justice of the USSR Nowadays, the madrassah is home to the Khorezmian Music Art Museum.