Shayx Muxtor ota complex

Near the ancient cemetery named Sayyid A'vozdin Khan Eshon, located in the northern part of Khiva, near the cemetery of Sirachali Aryk, numerous graves of the Kungrad dynasty were built to this graveyard  mosques, mausoleums, madrassas and mosques remain to our glory without losing their majesty.  In this magnificent settlement, Eltuzarhon of Khiva (1804-1806) and his family, Rahimquikhan bin Olloqulihan (1842-1845), Muhammad Aminhon (1845-1855) and his nephew Musa Tora, Sayid Muhammadhan (1855-1864)  , Muhammad Rahimhon Soniy (1864-1910) and his grandson Temurghazi Tora ibn Isfandiyhan and more than thirty horns, nets, saids and Muhammad Rahimhon Soniy's grandson Ibrahimkhoja (died in 1889  and his son Akbar Islamkhoja (1872- 1913), poet and historian, Muhammad Yusufbek Bayoni (1840- 1926), lived with their relatives in the eternal sleep.

Muhammad Rizo Erniyazbek Ogli, the son of Muhammad Riso (1809-1874), describes this place as "The Mosque of Al-Masali" devoted to Muhammad Amin Khan: "Muarrih Muhammad Aminhon was born in 1855  He spoke about the events that followed.  After five or six days after the incident and eventual vuquid of the incident, he would have been given a collective, a slave, a servant, and a servant of the Messenger of Allah, and the king of the Saheeh shahids and princes of the Prophet  the late Moses took the ghosts of the corpse into a manger, and they glorified him.  Abdulla Mahram and Erniyaz saw the stomachs of the mahram down the slopes of Sarah and saw the tomb of Kharazm.  In the courtyard of the house of Moses in the village of Hendimian in Khiva, wash the khan and the prince's clothes and shroud their clans, the last of them, the son of a great patron saint A'vadaddin Khodja, in the fountain of the Emperor's Tower, in Aboang'an jada  they are buried, and they are buried in the mercy of forgiveness. "

Muhammad Yusufbek Bayoni wrote in his book "Shajarayi Xorazmshohiy" about the death of Said Muhammadkhon "Sayyid Muhammadhan, the great poet of Atlas of Olavuddin, the epistle of the Prophet of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)  they are mad. "  Mohammad Rahimhon Soni built a magnificent mausoleum near the grave of Sayid Mohammedan in the name of the world and the saint, Sayyid Mohammad Mohairo, who was a relative of the Motherland in 1884.  At this point, Sayyid Mohammad Mohairo is in the same room as the world's second largest dome, Said Muhammadkhon, Muhammad Rahimhon Soniy, and Temurghozi canals.

In the museum fund, in 1920 by the special resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Khiva's main plan drawn by experienced engineer Matkarim (naqqosh) Nematullaev is kept.  This plan is perfect, based on historical-topographic and ethnographic studies.

It is stated that the following buildings had been built during this time around and around Khiva.

  1. There are 65 madrasahs in Khiva, 54 of them in the city, and 11 around the city.

 2. There are 79 mosques in Khiva, of which 64 are in the city and 15 are in the city.

 3. In Khiva, there are 141 comfrey and 57 deceased (individual wedded single wolves) with a total of 340 wolves, who earn 5643,000 batman (16 kg) of grain and 4430 wages a year

• around the mausoleum of Pahlālān Mahmūr - 14,

• Obdol bobo cemetery - 6,

 • Uch avliyo mausoleums – 17

• To'rt shabboz complexs-13

•Qoralambobo mouselems-6

• Sayid Mokhi Ro‘yi Johon complex - 74.

As can be seen from this, Sayid Mokhi Ro‘y World Complex is one of the oldest buildings of its time,  nowadays this dearest place is being repaired and it will become a place where both local and foreign tourists will be in the future.