Sheikh Maulon complex

It is built in XIX century in Qiyot village near Khiva and consists of a complex of mosques, cemeteries and minarets.  The cemetery here contains the grave of Shermuhammad Munis and Muhammad Riza Erniyozbek son Ogahiy. The mausoleum was renovated in 1989-1999, at a height of 120 meters, eleven meters high.  The complex was restored in 1999 on the eve of the 190th Anniversary of the Battle of Ahawi and the 200th Anniversary of the Wedding in 2010.

Shermuhammad Munis Khorimiy (1778-1829) is a talented poet, artist, artist, calligrapher, translator, historian, scientist, poet and educator, politician.  She has a wonderful "Mirob" from her life, "Munisul-ushshaq", "The friend of the lover", as well as the "Savodi education" as a pedagogical pedagogue and "Firdavs-ul-iqbol" as a translator  Mirhonad's Ravzat-us-Safo translated the purely "cool garden".

Muhammad Rizo Erniyazbek son Ogahi (1879-1874) is one of the great representatives of the 19th century literature.  He was Munis' nephew and was trained by Munis.  He was a mature scholar and poet, translator, and historian, a khanate of khanate after Munis.  He has created a school of translating in translators of more than 20 cultures, which is considered to be the rare masterpieces of world literature and culture.  It was written in Riyadh-ud-davla (1825-1842) in 1844.  "Zubdat ut-tavorix" (1843-1846) was published in 1846, the work of the 'Sultan of the Jâmûl' (1846-1855), written in 1856, "Gulshani davlat" (1856-1865), a work written in 1865,  (1865-1873) was written on the pages of the Kokand paper with red ink on the red leather cover, the name and year of the artist, 227 pages  , 14-25 cm in size.  In the play, the history of Khorezm has been perfectly reflected in the wars, deals with the Bukhara Emirate and the Kokand Khanis with Russia.

Creating works of anarchy history, he further develops and promotes the traditions of Munis in this field.  "Firdavs-ul-iqbol", written by Munis and Ogahi, has five works on Khorezm's history, not only the study of the history of the Uzbek people but also the brotherly Tajik, Kazakh, Turkmen, Karakalpak, Russian,  , the history, culture, art, traditions, psychology of the Afghan people, the origins of these nations, the source of livelihood, and so on.  It is characteristic that these works are written by well-known poet, progressive writer Munis, and Ogahi, who wrote about the history, life, everyday work, mosque, madrassah construction, different events, people's revolts,  the life and work of the great men, scholars, poets, and other information have been accurately and accurately described.

There are fourteen works in 26 works of the author, of which 22 of his 22 works are kept in 11 copies at the Beruniy Republican Oriental Studies College.