Uch Avl iyo mausoleum (16th to 20th century)

This Mausoleum is located near the western walls of Tash Khauli. The monument commemorates three saints. A vast hall of the mausoleum is covered with a dome on arched pendentives with cellular filling of corners characteristic for Khorezm. The mausoleum was closely surrounded by late burials (sagana). The earliest date - 1561 - can be found on the panel of the carved door. The craftsman's name written on the carved entrance door is Abdullah Ibn Sayyid. Judging by the inscriptions, the Mausoleum was repaired in 1821-1822, some brickwork of the portal and few arcs were replaced. At the beginning of the 80's of the 20th century the portal was damaged by heavy rains; besides, the column ayvan of the mosque in front of the mausoleum portal was severely damaged, too. After the restoration of the monument and redeveloping of the surrounding territory the mausoleum became one of the most frequently visited places.