Archeological excavations in Ichan-Kala

Today, archeological excavations are doing on in the city, the city to determine its age. These excavations were done in 1984-1995.

The first excavations were done in the north-west part of Kunya Ark. They found the remains of the walls, bricks and weapons which belonged to I B.C.

According to the archeological excavations the ancient name of Khiva was Kheykonik and located on the coast of Palvanyop canal and adopted VI-V B.C. The width of the walls was 7-8 meters. For protection from enemies there were roads for carriages on the walls.

The second excavations were made in 10-14 square meters area on the north-west walls of Ichan Kala. In this place they discovered 5 building periods. During the excavations the remains of the walls and their length was 20 meters, the height 0,35-1,37(sizes of the bricks 49-42 centimeters, 41x43 centimeters, 9x13 centimeters). According to the archeologists foundation the ancient name of Khiva was Kheykonik and it was located on Palvanyop canal which was created in    VI-V B.C.

The third excavations were made in south-east part in 5-37 square meters territory, nine building were discovered. The walls and the part of the minaret which belongs to antique period. The minaret was square shaped the room which was in the minaret was built with raw bricks and filled with sand. The remains of the jug which belongs to I B.C.

The fourth excavations were done in the north-east part in 136 square meters area, nine building periods were discovered. The walls were built with mud bricks. The length of the walls was 7 meters, height was 27,5, width was 2 meters. The excavations were made in Ichan Kala in 6 places they discovered in 1985-1995.

Total size was 1200 square meters. In the 7 parts of the walls. The most ancient layer was located 7 meters deep.

So according to the archeologists’ foundation, Khiva was located on Palvanyop canal and belongs VI-V B.C. The height of the walls 7-8 meters, the width is 8-10, 2-3 meters.