Tura Murod Tura minaret

One of the smallest towers in the Ichon Qal’a, this tower was built in 1888 by brother of Makhammad Rahimhon II, Tura Murad Tora, in conjunction with the mosque, wardrobe and mahalla school. Unfortunately, only the tower was preserved. The tower is now located in the northeast corner of the Ancient Ark, surrounded by a residential area surrounded by the entrance to the ancient Ark at the mausoleum under the name of the mahalla.

Dimensions: height 9 meters, diameter - 3,2 meters.

It is said that when the construction work began, the Khan went to the shore. The architectural style of the tower was to be built tall, but the khan's opponents told the khan, "Your brother wants to see the harbinger of the tower and watch your harem." At the same time, people close to the Tura Murad's nest in the palace's palace had said this. Tura consulted with its architects and did not raise the tower.

When he returned from the cradle, his brother's tower was not too high. Han punished the wrong person. Therefore, the owners of this tower and its builders are not hated by the khan.