lslom Xoja Complex - The museum of Applied Art of Khorezm

The Khorezm exhibition of applied art is located in the madrassa built by Ichan-Kala in 1908-1910 by Akbar Islam Hodzhey. There are 387 exhibits on the Khorezm applied art. An important role in this section is played by collections dedicated to "Yogocha Carpets", "Carving", "Jewelery Art". Works from wood carving of Father Polvanov, Abdulla Boltaev and Sapo Bogabekov are exhibited.

The exhibition was opened in 1983 and was republished in 1991 and 2014. The exhibition features more than 400 exhibitions of wood carvings, textile, carpet, copper and jewelry products from precious artifacts of the XIV-XXI centuries.

The exhibits are intriguing, and the wooden carving in the Arabian style is attractive for every guest. This exhibit has successfully participated in the exhibition in Germany.

The new excursion text of the exposition was prepared by the scientific staff of the department in Uzbek and Russian languages. Study of the directions of carpet weaving, painting. Writing scientific passports for each exhibit, translating Arabic content into Uzbek, preserving current and electronic versions of exhibits in each collection is an urgent task.

The total usable area is 420 sq.m.

The construction of the madrasah dates back to 1908-10.